Super Midweek Offer


The cheapest midweek offer ever

Book your holiday from 06.04 to 26.05 or from 11.06 to 24.06.2023

-15% discount for booking with

check in from sunday to thursday

min. stay 2 nights – max.stay 4 nights

with room only service or b&b service

The offer price includes:

  • Accommodation in Surf, Wave or Sun room
  • In the room, we offer a wide range of children’s facilities like baby cots, baby bathtubs and children toiler seats. Available upon request at the time of booking and subject to availability.
  • Bicycles (with children seat on request and subject to availability)
  • Beach place service*
  • Pool service**
  • Parking place
  • Late check out*** (till 7.30 pm)


Prices and services are for a minimum of 2 people per room.

The offer cannot be combined with other promotions and subject to hotel availability.

Tourist tax is not included in the price 

*Beach place service available only from 13.05.2023. Includes 1 beach umbrella + 2 sunbeds + 2 beach towels

**Pool service avaialble from 20.05.2023

***Late check out service available only in May


Book now on our website or contact us for any further request.